Friday, October 15, 2010

Dress Design for Shabby Apple dresses

Ok, so I realize this is undoubtedly the worst picture/quality of anything this side of the turn of the century, but it was the best I could do after a 14 hour work day and not getting home til ten o'clock at night. My mothers scanner and I apparently have communication issues and so I had decided to move on my sisters camera (yes, I know, how lame of me not have my own..) who did not seem to be as friendly as promised either. So here, you have it, a picture of my pretty little pink dress design for Shabby Apple dresses. Truly I could have drawn the picture better than technology could have captured it (well actually I did, you just cant tell..). The design was inspired most likely by one of my work shifts stuck out on a Garden register in fall where I had waaay too much time to wander around looking at flowers and rakes and be inspired to sketch random dresses. The top is layers of scallops that would be cut out of a sheer fabric as an overlay of a matte fabric that would be of a deeper tone pink. The ribbon would be a match of the result of the color from the sheer light pink and the deeper tone, and the rest of the dress is just a light colored pink overall. The fabric of the majority of the dress would be a very elegant but somewhat stretchy fabric in order to fit many body types in a flattering way. In my mind the dress has a subtle but powerful presence as it understated but has a sort of eloquence and boldness to it as well. I wanted to design something that was different, but pretty and could be worn on a nice date or just to church. The dress colors I could thought of would be a very light pink, a light light aqua, and a periwinkle blue (for my little sister who when I asked her what she thought of the dress said "Its cute! Except for the pink.... I'd wear it if it were blue!" So just for her. :) ) That is all I can think of to say about this dress, other than to apologize for the picture quality, I hope to post a better picture when the scanner and I become better friends. Well thats all for now, so TTFN and have a great night!! ♥ Me

P.s. I will most likely be making this dress for my Pattern by Measure class. So if I do, I'll post pictures for anyone of you who may be interested in the end result. Cause ya know... its always fun to see your vision become a reality. ♥

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  1. Liz I think it is awesome you are showing off your skills, but i can't see your design...Help :)--Traci