Friday, February 3, 2012


So I am helping mom house hunt. It all started when I said I was looking to buy a house myself (I know I'm crazy, the fact has been all but notorized). Then I told my mom about it, and she thought that it might be a good idea for her to change up her living situation as well, since she figured the idea of coming in and trying to raise my sisters and fixing up her little house after she passes would be a chore too much to ask for. So here I am a house hunting. Its kind of fun house shopping for someone else, I love these kinds of things. Something that isn't split level entry, has at least 4 rooms, less than a $???, open living area, most everything accessible on the main floor. We've been to one house already and that trip was atrocious. Trying to wheel my mom around in the house and her trying to walk down the stairs and such. Its too much to ask for. So now... dun dun dun.. I have decided for my sisters and I to try to do house visits by Skype. If thats at all possible. I just got a new smart phone (but she doesnt have one, has a laptop tho) and I'm thinking of just walking around the house doing that. But i'm so technology handicapped that I'm not sure how I'll do it. I'd be perfectly happy to get any advice on the matter.. Maybe a free lunch for anyone who wants to walk me through it? Pretty please??

Testimony is still a struggle. It would help if I wasn't sick the past 2 weeks and couldnt (or didnt want to) make it to church. I'm trying. But its hard when you struggle with wanting to go merely by faith. And when there are certain logics. And if we are going to by-pass those logics, then what is to say that any other religions that by-passes those logics couldn't be correct either? It's all very hard for me, but the one thing mostly that ties me in is that the feeling is good. My life is better when I live the 'Gospel', I know that, I can feel that, and at least, I have a testimony of that. So I'm still trying. :)

I met a new friend, his name is Doug. And he's pretty stellar. I went and hung out with him and met his fam last night. Some people are so talented that it just blows your mind. He's one of those people. I feel like he's opened me up to some new ideas and possibilites, and I can't wait to hang out again and explore them even more. I need that right now. In a time where I feel like I'm treading vague waters, I need that light of inspiration in my life.

(Sorry for my obnoxious laugh, he said something that made me crack up really bad right before this)

Something I learned: Life is a choice. You can choose mediocrity or you can wrestle the odds and, just per chance, come out on top.

Something I want to do: My friend asked me yesterday (after a long conversation that is too long to script out, so I'll just omit it for your most probable ADD-ness)what it is I want to do, so here was my reply (this is just a list of the things that were on my mind yesterday):

Go buy a house. Make a dress. Learn sign language. Learn Italian. Get a different second job. Learn to bake cakes. Find a way to be ok dating someone. Go ice skating. Make a music video. Travel the world and do a huge humanitarian project. Learn how to help people with addictions. Take a nap.

I at least did the last one. :) For about 5 hours actually.. I know. Take it when you can, right? Ok, well thats all for today, I hope you are having a splendid Friday and making the most of every moment. TGIF!