Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Holding a smile that curls 1/10th of 1/10th,
But you know the grin that hides behind my eyes.
Gazing at me in wonder,
A neck craned so slight,
Peering within to find the crevaces that in my soul lie.
Searching how something appearing so shallow
Can have an abyss hiding inside.

I hide in my corner,
But you steal through my unseen rooms.
10 steps away
And closer than 10 thousand others before.
A friend for so long but how in an instant all can change.
You cross the room, put a hand on my soul,
And I try not to hold on, but obstain.
Orange to blue. Blue to Orange.
Someday I want something that will hold true.
But today I know, that in this time,
My Dear friend, this won't ever be with you.

Welcome to the world.
You've tumble-bumbled through a black box before,
They lamely lied a wonderous life.
But this, herein is where you're meant to be,
This herein was where you're meant to lie.
With silk-soft arms holding ever in,
And honey-laced lips brushing 'cross sweet eyes.
Our palms pressed, kissing, and fingertips molded,
A fit for in which puzzle pieces may only strive.

My dear, close those affecting eyes,
Forevers come and gone.
But I'm still here, and will be always,
For I love you 10 times those endless stars
And then again, even on.